How to write your first Spark Stream Batch Join with working code

Canadian Data Guy
4 min readJan 26, 2023

When I started learning about Spark Streaming, I could not find enough code/material which could kick-start my journey and build my confidence. I wrote this blog to fill this gap which could help beginners understand how simple streaming is and build their first application.

In this blog, I will explain most things by first principles to increase your understanding and confidence and you walk away with code for your first Streaming application.

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Let’s assume we have a streaming source with data arriving all the time. We want to add more attributes from another table( Think lookup table/ dimension table). Thus we will stream the data and join with the lookup table via Stream-Batch join. The result would be written as a Delta table, which could be used downstream for analytics or streaming.

Imports & Parameters

from pyspark.sql import functions as F
from faker import Faker
import uuid

# define schema name and where should the table be stored
schema_name = "test_streaming_joins"
schema_storage_location = "/tmp/CHOOSE_A_PERMANENT_LOCATION/"

# Please download this file from then download and place it at a location of your choice and then change the value for the variable below…



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